Cognitive Tasks

Joggle Research offers a core set of eight tasks covering a range of cognitive domains and individual performance abilities. Watch the demos below to see the tasks in action.

Motor Praxis Task (MPT)

Participants are to quickly touch ever-shrinking boxes. Each time a new box appears in a different location on the screen.

Cognitive domainSensory motor speed
Primary brain regions recruitedSensorimotor cortext
# of peer-reviewed references62
Avg. administration time0.5 min

Visual Object Learning Task (VOLT)

Participants are to quickly touch ever-shrinking boxes. Each time a new box appears in a different location on the screen.

Cognitive domainVisual learning and spatial working memory
Primary brain regions recruitedMedial temporal cortex – hippocampus
# of peer-reviewed references657
Avg. administration time1.7 min


Participants are shown images one at a time and are to identify images that occurred “n” trials ago.

Cognitive domainWorking memory
Primary brain regions recruitedDorsolateral prefrontal cortex, cingulate, hippocampus
# of peer-reviewed references890
Avg. administration time1.9 min

Abstract Matching (AM)

Participants select pairs of shapes that fit with another shape.

Cognitive domainAbstraction
Primary brain regions recruitedPrefrontal Cortex
# of peer-reviewed references1650
Avg. administration time2.4 min

Line Orientation Task (LOT)

Participants are shown two lines at different angles, and are to rotate one line incrementally until it is parallel to the other.

Cognitive domainSpatial orientation
Primary brain regions recruitedRight temporo-parietal cortex, visual cortex
# of peer-reviewed references171
Avg. administration time2.1 min

Digital Symbol Substitution Task (DSST)

Participants touch the number paired to the symbol that matches the current target symbol.

Cognitive domainComplex scanning and visual tracking
Primary brain regions recruitedTemporal cortex, prefrontal cortex, motor cortex
# of peer-reviewed references580
Avg. administration time1.6 min

Balloon Analog Risk Task (BART)

Participants inflate balloons of unknown popping probability to obtain the highest reward. Each pump increases the potential reward. The potential reward is lost if the balloon pops.

Cognitive domainRisk decision making
Primary brain regions recruitedOrbital frontal cortex, amygdala, hippocampus, anterior cingulate cortex
# of peer-reviewed references65
Avg. administration time2.3 min

Psychomotor Vigilance Test (PVT)

Participants are to quickly respond to the sudden appearance of stimuli inside a box and avoid responding prematurely.

Cognitive domainVigilant attention
Primary brain regions recruitedPrefrontal cortex, motor cortex, visual cortex
# of peer-reviewed references769
Avg. administration time3.2 min

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