Precision Cognitive Tests

Research-grade cognitive testing on the iPad

Joggle Research enables researchers to use the iPad for scientifically recognized cognitive tests, providing instant access to result data through our secure cloud-based web interface.


Touch-based tasks

Accurately capture, record, and score touch-based cognitive tasks

Secure data transfer

Easy access to store and retrieve cloud-based result data


Easy to implement

Easy management of studies, staff, subjects, and result data


Fully scalable

Scalable from small to very large research studies

Leading a new generation

Evolved from a long history of scientifically validated cognitive tests, Joggle Research is a neurobehavioral measurement tool that is leading a new generation of touch-based tasks. Our core set of tasks cover a range of cognitive domains.

Infographic showing the progression of cognitive testing from paper and pencil in the 1800 to desktop in the 1970 to tablet today.
Joggle Research delivers the highest precision possible on iOS devices

Easy to implement for small budget projects as well as large-scale studies

The platform features include:

  • Eight cognitive tasks designed for a range of individual performance abilities
  • Brief test durations with statistically sufficient data
  • Real-time participant performance feedback
  • Secure facilitation and post-test commenting
  • Automatic data upload to secure cloud server
  • Easy management of studies, staff, and subjects and result data

Device support: Apple iPad2 or newer models and iPad Mini or newer models running iOS 6.0 and newer

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